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Confidence is the best beauty secret. When you aren't feeling confident with how you look, it shows in your body language and in how you engage with those around you. Unfortunately, many people are prone to premature signs of aging that can leave them feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with how they look. Regardless of all the "secret beauty products” available, no external factor can actually remove wrinkles that have been etched into the skin’s surface. In addition, no amount of wrinkle prevention tactics, such as applying sunscreen, will erase damage that has already been done.
So what is the solution? Many people opt for expensive and intrusive plastic surgery procedures that can be painful and require long recovery periods. Severn Cosmedic offers residents of Whitby, Toronto and Pickering easy and cost-effective solutions to drastically improve the appearance of the face and leave you looking younger and more beautiful.
Cosmetic Injections
We offer a wide range of cosmetic injections.
While many people are pleased with the present results obtain from facial injections, new techniques from Europe are available.  During your consultation ask about the possibilities. 
Laser Technology
Clients of Severn Cosmedic are also provided the option of laser skin treatments. By employing an Elos Technology IPL laser that combines Bipolar RF energy to target skin heating, our clinicians can reduce the loss of elastic and collagen volume of the face that comes with age. Through heating and contracting elastic and collagen strands, lines tighten and signs of aging are drastically reduced. The technique is painless, quick and effective. Beyond reducing lines and wrinkles, laser treatments can diminish the appearance of facial veins and brown spots.
Severn Cosmedic Clinic provides Markham and surrounding area residents with cosmetic fillers to address a range in different skin conditions.
Botox treatments are just one of the many cosmetic enhancement procedures offered at Severn Cosmedic Clinic by our team of qualified and experience medical professionals.
For full beauty enhancement services, including cosmetic injections, laser treatments, botox, electrolysis, ...
Severn Cosmedic is a proponent of non-invasive treatments such as our line of facial fillers also known as derma fillers and injectables.
Facial fillers from Cosmetic Enhancement Service are a quick and easy way to drastically improve your appearance. Take years off your face with our advanced injection services.
Some of the best and most recognized professional medical staff specializing in Botox applications and other injectables.
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